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That early 30s thing.

There’s a lot they don’t tell you about growing up. All the figuring stuff out is HARD, and just when you feel like you may have figured some of it out, something else gets thrown in your face to get Continue Reading

Breakfast. Take two.

Let’s talk about weekends vs. week days. Or – more generally – let’s talk about life when it’s perfect and slow and gentle, vs. life when it’s gritty and shitty and real. As I find is often so useful, I’d Continue Reading


One of the best things about being human is our ability to connect. I’m not talking about the superficial things in life, like our modern tendency to be connected to everyone we’ve ever met via social media, or how easy Continue Reading

On Getting Unstuck.

This post is inspired by this comment, written as part of a response to a mother who had a miscarriage when she was six and a half months pregnant: “This is how you get unstuck, Stuck. You reach. Not so you can walk Continue Reading

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