The idea SHOULD be the hardest part


You’re feeling called to start your own business, and you FINALLY settle on an idea that you want to put your heart and soul into – only to stumble when it comes to setting up a website. Or wtf is SEO anyway?
I got you. This confusion is not going to hold you back, and absolutely nothing is going to stop you from making your start up a success. My courses, coaching, and freebies walk you through the whole back-end (ha!) of starting a business, from setting up a payment page, to smashing the google algorithm.


I am all about the startup. The fact that we live in a time when just about anyone can have an idea and earn money from it is SO inspiring – and I get a serious buzz from helping people grow a little sparkle of a dream into a real business.
You see – the dream isn’t quite enough. Yes, anyone can start a business, but fuckadoodledoo it gets a touch confusing once you start working out the technical details. The good news is: it really doesn’t need to be.
I help entrepreneurs figure out the small stuff, like how to set up their website, get their content ranked higher on google, or how to build an email marketing list, so they can focus on their bigger goals.
Yes, you can spend hours googling all of it, but I’ve spent the last decade learning all about this stuff AND putting it into action – so I can pass all that info on to you, in a simple and easy-to-follow way. Find out about my step-by-step program to growing your business.


Sometimes it’s better just to get on the phone and talk it through. If you need a little one-on-one time, or if you’re stuck on a particular problem, just get in touch to book a session.


If you’re simply not in a place to do this yourself, I truly get it, and it’s a big part of what I do. Whether you’re looking for someone to write the blogs that you wish you had the time to post consistently, or you’re painfully aware that your website needs a complete overhaul – I can help.
I can quote you on a project basis, like setting up your website and showing you how to update it in the future, or you can hire me on a retainer to pack out your content schedule. Whatever your needs are, we can figure it out together. You just have to reach out first.