I like to make things grow. Businesses, bank balances, plants, people – it’s all about seeing something flourish. Entrepreneurship is the most incredible example of that. How crazy is it that we can think of something to make, do, or be – and just go ahead and get paid for it?! I say hell. fucking. YES to that.

You know what I decided I wanted to be? The catalyst to skyrocketing your business; the beautifully timed kick up your ass that pushes your idea to the next level. I have a masters degree in marketing and PR, but mainly I simply understand the things that take too much time to learn when you’re starting a business, or the tricky stuff that prevents your brain from getting creative.

My mission is to give you and your INCREDIBLE idea the tools to get seen, and the confidence to smash your goals. This is some big shit you’re about to do – and I want to help you do it. I’m all in.