About Me

Life can be difficult – heartbreakingly, crumbling at the seams, unbearably difficult – but it is so worth it. The struggle and the clawing your way through are softened by the feel of the sun on your skin, or the repetitive sound of the ocean hitting the sands. An ache of desperation is dulled by a hand on your skin. There are mountains and valleys, swings and roundabouts, sometimes all in one day, but that is the beauty of it all. That is the strength of it. And the strength in you is keep doing it; to walk, crawl, soar over each up and down.

I know that might not be much of an explanation About Me, but that is what I write about. That’s what fills me up every day – the wonder of how we do it all. So I write from places of knowing, and I write from places of confusion and doubt; I write about love – the love of everything – and how that has a habit of beating us down. I write about newness and discovery, meaning, understanding, disappointment, fear, and power. I write about all of it. All of me.

You can read it all here – or I’m also available for freelance work. Word-wise, you can throw whatever you like at me; long-form, short-form, website copy, editorial articles, social media posts – I even know how to build a website or two. There’s a portfolio of sorts over here, but my best work is right here. You get it.